Smiling Chef :)

Smiling Chef :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Writing everything I can think of

Happy Holidays to all!!

Since I'm on winter break, I've been studying for my exams and test that are on the week after break. Hahah that's just a joke, I realized that today, I should really get my homework done, so of course, at the last minute, I'm starting it. It's very strange, why do teachers give us homework the week after break, but tell us not to worry or study during break! How are we not supposed to worry or study if we know they're going to smack us with a billion tests? I also realized that SAT prep will start soon, so I should get started on that too. I mean, if I want to be a chef, I gotta be smart too, right? So in one of my SAT prep books, they told me about the writing section. On my PSAT, I scored a 4 out of 12 on my writing section. Yeah, kinda sucks doesn't it? Ah well I'm not going to let it bother me. The book said that I should open up a blog and write about everything possible. So here I am, writing everything possible! I think I'll mostly write about food (since I love it so much) but there are going to be times where I write about other things (relationship advice, what type of jeans to wear, colors that match with skin tone) the works! Besides, it'll be a good way for me to breathe during my crazy days of school.

Let the random writing begin!