Smiling Chef :)

Smiling Chef :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oreo Cookies and Cream Bars


I've been really bad about updating this blog....I'm sorry!!

So I made these oreo bars today. They're super yummy! I got the recipe off of this website

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This section of the blog will be all about foods to cook in the summer including
  • grilling recipes (yum!)
  • food to keep you cool
  • fruits
  • how to make the best ice cream :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011


This year, a lot of my friends are studying abroad. It's a great opportunity that I believe everyone should have because people should always learn about other people and different cultures. However, I'm also finding it very hard to be separated from some of my friends for so long.
For example, I had two weeks off from school for winter break. During this time, I usually go over to my friend's house and bake special things. As you can see, baking/cooking is one of the things that is very close to my heart. I associate food with love and happiness because those are the emotions I feel when I'm baking/cooking. I associate baking/cooking with my friends, because I'm always asking them to try something, or to share recipes. Yet, many of them are away, and I'm not able to do those things as often as I would like to.
I think in life, you need to identify the little things that are important to you, instead of dwelling on the negative things. I find that I dwell a lot on negative things, instead of opening up my eyes and realizing what's important. Yes, the distance making things hard (no baking parties until May) but the people who are away are a part of my and always will be. That's never going to change. I love you all.